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How To Mark The Packaging Machinery?

Pulished on May. 08, 2019

Here is Soap Wrapping Machine exporter talking about How to mark the packaging machinery.

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Soap Wrapping Machine For Various Shape

In order to ensure the integrity of the logo pattern on the packaged finished bag, the color code for positioning is usually printed when the packaging material is produced. When using such a color-coded packaging material, the color mark can be tracked and positioned by a photoelectric switch (electric eye), and the stepping motor is driven to rotate by the control system and automatically stopped according to the distance between the color marks, so that the finished product logo pattern is complete and accurate.

The main product lines of packaging machinery are quantitative packaging scale, vacuum packaging machine, baler, strapping machine, sealing machine, bagging machine, carton forming machine, packing machine, winding machine, labeling machine, stacking machine, and design. Various conveying lines; at the same time, we produce and sell various packaging materials such as packing belts and stretch film.