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The Use Of Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Pulished on Jul. 18, 2019

The labeling of round bottle products has always been a headache for Automatic Labeling Machine Manufacturer. The round bottle here refers specifically to the cylindrical product whose diameter is less than 3cm. The main problems encountered in the labeling of this type of small-diameter products are: manual labeling, slow efficiency; using machine labeling, if the vertical labeling method is used as usual, the bottle is easy to fall, causing unstable transportation and labeling effect.

For the labeling of this type of small-diameter round bottle products, the labeling machine for the round bottle, that is, Round Bottle Labeling Machine, should be used to solve the problem that the product or the bottle is unstable and the labeling effect is not ideal.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

For labeling machines, small-diameter products are best to avoid large differences in specifications. Generally speaking, the size of the product specifications is relatively large, and the difficulty of labeling is correspondingly increased. This involves a compatibility issue. Is there any standard for this magnitude? Is there a certain range of values for this magnitude? Have! Customers can be based on 3cm, the largest size and the smallest size is preferably no more than 3cm.

At present, small-diameter round bottle products are mainly concentrated in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical and other industries. The small round bottles in these industries are mostly made of glass materials, so the special small round bottle labeling machinery is purchased. At the time, whether the feeding is smooth and whether the receipt is reasonable is a technical point of main concern.