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The application of 20pm electronic cam function in high speed soap cutting machine

Pulished on Nov. 15, 2019

Basic introduction


Delta's 20pm series is a powerful motion controller. Its electronic cam function is widely used in various high demand motion control by changing different control curves, such as: flying shear in packaging machine industry, flying saw in machine tool industry, electronic axis cutting and overprinting in printing machine industry, precision winding in spinning machine industry, etc

This case introduces the application of 20pm electronic cam function in high speed soap cutting machine.

Introduction of equipment


In this case, the high-speed soap cutting machine is introduced, which can cut soap of various lengths online. There are two ways of cutting: fixed length way and positioning sleeve pattern, both of which require small weight error and vertical incision. No matter which of the above methods can be attributed to flying shear control, the general requirement is that the cutter should be synchronized with the discharging speed and the cutting length should be accurate. The difference between the two methods lies in the following starting part. As long as the fixed length method starts the following, the spindle pulse will be collected from the shaft and run according to the cam form. The positioning mode is to wait for an external proximity switch to start the signal at the beginning, and then press the fixed length mode. However, the fixed length of the positioning mode is fixed, equal to the number of prints at the circumference of the printing wheel, and the position of starting tracking can be adjusted online.

Soap Cutting Machine

Soap Cutting Machine

Application planning and effect


The flying shear function of the high-speed cutting machine in this scheme is the application of 20pm electronic cam. It is divided into synchronous area and asynchronous area on the circumference of the cutter roll. The acceleration position, synchronous start position, cutting position, synchronous end position and reference point position are set. These are calculated by PM according to the linear speed V, cutting length L, embossing roller circumference C, etc., and cam curve is generated within 20pm The measured high-speed encoder signal is directly connected to the PM encoder input without calculation, and directly goes according to the register data track in PM, so the response speed of the system is very fast, which avoids the problems such as irregular section, large weight error and low quality of finished products under the traditional PLC control scheme, and ensures the cutting speed synchronization and the accuracy of cutting length.