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Toilet Soap Finishing Making Production Line

Pulished on Apr. 11, 2019

Toilet Soap Finishing Making Production Line  use soap noodles as raw materials.The process of making  toilet soap starts with the mixing for soap noodles and perfume. Then the mixed soap noodles enters into  three  roller mill, where thin soap sheets are made.  Then the soap materials go to soap plodder, where  are grinded and extruded  into long soap strip.Then the long soap strip are stampped into the required size by stampping machine . Finally the soap bars gets packed by packing machine.

Machines involved for making laundry soap
1.  Mixer
Used for mixing soap noodles.
2. Three  Roller  Mill
Used for grinding soap noodles into thin sheets.
3. Plodder (Extruder) Machine
Used for molding the sheets into long strip soap of required shape.
4. Stamping Machine
Used for stamping long strip soap into soap bar that is desired size and shap .
5. Packing machine:

individually packed in plastic wrapper,or loose-packed (such as 5bars) in one shrinkage bag.

Toilet Soap Production Line,Toilet Soap Finishing Line, Soap Making Machine

Available complete set of toilet soap making machine
1)capacity: 100—150KG/Hour
2)capacity: 300—500KG/Hour
3)capacity: 800—1000KG/Hour


Typical configurations of soap linishing lines are composed with following soap machines

Toilet Soap Finishing Making Production Line

1.saponification tank                 2. crutcher        3.tubular heat exchanger
4.vacuum drying chamber        5.duplex twin worm pelletizer
6. cyclone separator                 7.atmospheric condenser
8.gas-water seperator             9.surge tank       10.vacuum pump
11. conveyor                             12.mixer               13.three-roll mill
14.vacuum plodder                  15.soap cutting machine

16.Soap stamping machine    17.soap packing machine

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