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Vacuum Packaging Machine Production Process Introduction

Pulished on Jun. 10, 2019

How is the Vacuum Packaging Machine processed and produced? What is the production process of the vacuum packaging machine? The vacuum packaging machine manufacturer below introduces the production process and process of the vacuum packaging machine. Vacuum packaging machines are the most common equipment in the food industry. 

Vacuum Packaging Machine is used for vacuum processing regardless of the size of the company. Many customers are also very interested in the process of vacuum packaging machines. Today, Xiaobian can work with you to see what processes are needed to make a vacuum packaging machine.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Production Process Introduction

A good vacuum packaging machine must have detailed drawings before production, with precise dimensions for each process. Then it is starting to cut according to the drawings, and the shearing plate is bent. This step seems to be the same as the process precision of the different devices. When these parts are assembled, they are assembled, and the assembly requires a welding process. For a vacuum packaging machine, welding is essential, and there must be no blisters, otherwise, it will leak. Aix's process is to weld it once and then weld it for the second time. At this time, we will install other required parts. Finally, we will debug the whole machine and polish the whole equipment.