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Why To Select Our Products?

Pulished on Nov. 22, 2019

We are a big company with a soap machine. There are many kinds of them, such as soap cutting machine, filling machine for soap and soap press stamping machine. Our company makes these machines for many years, and our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry. Thus, please you can choose to make deals with us. We are looking forward to your early inquiry. Let me introduce them to you. 

Soap Cutting Machine

First, there are different types of soap cutting machine for making homemade soap: air soap cutter, manual soap cutter, bread cutter, soap and hand sanitizer cutter. Some just use a butcher's knife to cut through their soap! Professional air soap cutter is pneumatically driven. Cut the soap cake into hundreds in a few minutes. It reduces the ease of hot working and cold working soap, but is not used for melting and pouring or glycerin soap. Professional manual soap cutting machine can cut soap bars to the perfect size in minutes. It has a manually cut and custom-designed grid table on top of bread and bar. Cold cutting process and hot processing soap are free. It is not used for melting and pouring or glycerin soap. Bread soap cutter has platform-based custom wire spacing. As long as the bread is divided into several bars on the basis of raising the standard handle and many spacing lines back to cut soap bread. There is no need for this type of tool. It is not recommended to use melt and pours water, glycerin soap. Handmade soap cutter comes in smooth waves, (wrinkling), blades. They have good handles to prevent slipping when holding. Their sharp, deep and wide stainless steel blades cut individual bars from soap cakes with ease. These soap cutters can be used with melts, pour, cold treat and hot process soap. 

Second, filling machine for soap, as its name implies, is a kind of mechanical equipment that encapsulates various forms of objects such as liquid, gas, paste, soap, powder, etc. It belongs to packaging equipment. According to different filling objects, filling machines can be divided into liquid filling machines, gas filling machines, aerosol filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, etc. According to the degree of automation, filling machines are often divided into automatic filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines, full-automatic filling machines, etc. With the gradual increase in labor costs in China, the development of automatic filling machines will pay more attention to full automation and intelligence.

Filling Machine for Soap

The last, the principle of soap press stamping machine is to drive flywheel by motor and drive crank-link mechanism by clutch and transmission gear to move the slider up and down to drive stretching to die to form steel plate. The so-called double motion means that the press has two sliders, which are divided into an inner slider and an outer slider. The inner slider drives the male mold or female mold of the mold, and the outer slider drives the blank holder on the mold. During stretching, the blank holder first moves to press the edge of the steel plate, and the inner slider then moves to stretch